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Santa's Workshop

PO Box 1768

North Pole, NY 12912


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Letters & Certificates will go out in batches twice a week!

2019's Canceler

Letters from Santa...

Pre-Christmas Letter Deadline
We can not guarantee delivery before Christmas, however we will accept letters until Dec. 23! For your best chance to get a letter to a child before Christmas try to have the order in by Dec 16th!  Santa uses the USPS and relies on their services!  Thank you and Merry Christmas!

POST Christmas letters are available as well!
These will be sent out in the middle and end of January and February.

Each letter from Santa comes in a customized envelop addressed to the child and mailed from his post office at Santa's Workshop, North Pole, NY.  Each traditional letter is on Santa's personal stationery and is personalized with the child's name. We are now offering customizable letters for 2019!  

Don't forget to try our...
- "POST" CHRISTMAS Letters! For AFTER Christmas!

     with Multiple Customizable Fields
- Nice List Certificates! Customizable Options
- Valentine Day Certificates! with FREE Reindeer Shoe!




**We will begin using our seasonal, 2019 stamp canceler from Thanksgiving until Christmas! Each year we design a new cancelor! January 31st 2020 will be the END of our 2019 canceler!

Traditional "Pre" Christmas Letters