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Kindergarten Teachers    SPECIAL 2019 PROGRAM
Attention Teachers and School Administrators:

(2017-2018 School Year)

Parents & Teachers

If you are a parent of a Kindergartener  or another teacher and would like to send this along to your local kindergarten teachers, please share this on facebook, word of mouth, and so on!  Its a wonderful program! 

Merry Christmas!

Here we are offering schools and very specifically Kindergarten teachers the opportunity to hand out free tickets from Santa's Workshop, North Pole, NY to their Kindergarten class.  These tickets are to be handed out individually (ONE per Kindergartner) in hopes that they could be a reward for some sort of progress within your class room!  You would be the decision maker on what form of progress that is.  Santa's Workshop believes strongly in the education of our young people and the growing of an imaginative mind that is open to many possibilities.

*In addition to this free ticket for the kindergartner, For each ticket submitted at the main entrance we are offering a $2.00 off discount for up to 6 others who accompany this kindergartner. 

If you are a Kindergarten teacher and would like to sign up for this program, please download the application below to mail, fax, or email in and we can proceed!  There is no catch, just an offer between us and you to help improve and reward our young people.  Remember this is not for class field trips but is to be used for individual rewards, Santa's Workshop asks that only ONE is handed out per kindergartner.  If there are any other questions or you would like to sign up over the phone, please feel free to call the main office at 518-946-2212! The form below can be used to inquire but for official use, we ask that you "download" and fill out the form in order to complete your registration!


         We hope to hear from you!
               Merry Christmas! 



For further Inquiries and questions

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